Euro Flail 1.8m Grass Mulching High quality Hammer Flail
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     Euro Flail 1.8m Grass Mulching High quality Hammer Flail
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We are pleased to introduce our all new Heavy Duty Flail Mower especially for the 20 to 50hp tractor. Strength and durability, coupled to minimum weight, are the most important factors when considering a Flail Mower for the smaller tractor. To produce a reliable cutting unit strong enough to pulverise thick vegitation and ridged enough to leave a fine level finish to a good lawn requires good design - too heavy and power is wasted on driving the machine - too light and the machine will not cope and require constant expensive maintainance. 
The all new 1.8m Flail Mower is a superb unit suitable for cutting rough scrub and brambles, maintaining pasture and improving the grass quality, cutting the football pitch and tidying up the outfield or (with its full width roller) mowing and striping parkland and lawn.


  1. Reinforced Double Skin on the rear deck for added roller rigidity.
  2. Laser Balanced Rotor Shaft for exceptional smooth operation.
  3. Heavy Duty Cast Steel Hammer Blades for clean grass cutting and maximum shredding capability.
  4. Triple Belt Drive for strength & grip when cutting dense vegitation.
  5. Forward Mounted Roller allows unobstucted grass exit for faster mowing.
  6. Height Adjustment Roller, plus multie positioned linkage holes, allow fine tuning height adjustment.
  7. High Quality Paint Finish for longer life
  8. PTO Shaft included.
  9. Catagory One Linkage.
  10. 200mm offsett linkage for easier close mowing against fences.


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