1.8m (6ft) Rear Wheel Topper Big Buster 30 to 90hp
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     1.8m (6ft) Rear Wheel Topper Big Buster 30 to 90hp
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1.8m (6ft) Rear Wheel Topper Big Buster 30 to 90hp


Description   The Tractor Factory Topper is ideally suited to grass cutting on paddocks and overgrown areas and can handle most forms of vegetation from reeds to brambles and small saplings. 

Safety   The heavy duty blades can swing back upon contact with a hard object and the strong rotating steel disc can ride over small objects helping to avoid transmission damage. A sheer pin or clutch pto shaft helps protect the gearbox from blade impact damage. 

Design   The main difference between a rear wheel topper and a skid topper is the ability of the wheeled topper to turn through 180 deg without ripping up the turf, especially when the ground is soft!.

The deeper body of the topper allows a higher volume of vegetation to be cut and passed through without blockage.

Height adjustment is is easily accommodated by raising or lowering the rear wheel, alternatively highering or lowering the tractor three point linkage or a combination of the two actions.

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